New Approach

      We have developed a proprietary patented manufacturing process for Surface Mount Device (SMD) crystal resonators, which overturns the traditional labor-intensive single-piece processing method. This product and technology have been listed as a key industrialization and research and development project for piezoelectric crystal products in the 13th Five-Year Plan by the China Electronic Components Industry Association. This development has also promoted the localization of equipment and raw materials, and has established a new type of supply chain.
New Technology

      Our company utilizes advanced technology from various industries and fields to manufacture crystals and establish new product standards. We have obtained more than ten invention patents. For instance, we have developed mirror galvanometer and laser welding technology, which replaces traditional parallel welding, resulting in a 10-fold increase in production efficiency. We have also developed piezoelectric spray valves to replace traditional dispensing technology, increasing production efficiency by five times. Additionally, we have designed a sealed and purified track transportation system to replace clean rooms and manual handling, reducing operating costs. We have also developed visual inspection equipment to enhance deep learning capabilities, replacing manual quality inspection and reducing staff workload. Through continuous research and development, we have mastered core technology competitiveness and innovation.
New Mode

      Our company has independently developed an industrial IoT platform, which allows us to control the equipment source code and achieve intelligent manufacturing through a self-designed network protocol that integrates industrialization and information technology. This has changed the traditional single-device mass production model for a single product, making us the first adaptive manufacturer in the global crystal industry. Our entire production line is operated by robots, with a 100% rate of numerical control and data acquisition, leading the transformation of low-end manufacturing to high-end manufacturing in the industry.

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